Where this all started

Crochet has been a huge part of my life since I learnt how to over 3 years ago. It has taken over my corners of my house, drawers, cupboards and sofa cushions. There is always a hook in my handbag and I am seldom without yarn.

So when I started planning my wedding last year it was a given that something would be lovingly crafted with yarn and hook.

Planning the wedding has been a joint effort between my fiancé and me. Despite me being the “crafty” one he is truly a bit of a designer and with us making so many items for the wedding he proved he is better at smaller details, for example:

“Yes chocolate cake is all well and good for the wedding cake but how are you decorating it?”

This meant that as I debating whether or not I should actually make our wedding cake he was looking at how it should be decorated. This morphed into him looking for something to top our wedding cake. With frustration born of not being able to find anything personal enough he turned to me and said:

“Why aren’t you making them? You could do those ami thingy ones that are really cute.” 

Now it took me a minute to get over my shock that he had in fact almost remembered a crochet technique but as soon as I had the cogs started whirring. Why wasn’t I making them? They could be incredibly personal. It certainly fit the remit that something in the wedding would have been crafted with hook and yarn.

And so began several months of trial and error with yarn and patterns, multiple needle inflicted injuries and plenty of nights wondering if I could readjust the spotlight better or if i should just give up on crochet at night.

The end result was something that I can only describe as delightful. It is recognisable as my fiancé and me, and it so very lovely. And apparently my future sister in law agreed. And so it began.

Where this all started

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